Your company's private career gate and Applicant Tracking System.

Setup Your company's private career gate

Job Applicant Tracking System

JATS is an application that enables the Internet handling of recruitment needs. it can be implemented or accessed online on an enterprise or small business level, depending on the needs of your Business. JATS is designed for recruitment tracking purposes.Using the Query Builder HR Department can filter applications automatically based on given criteria such as keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience and University attended. In addition managing vacancies and assigning an internet application form for each an every single job can be done through the application with ease. Furthermore the application ready to be integrated with your site in a minute. you do not have to bother yourself about System operations as well as backup and recovery tasks. All you need is just to fill out the form on the right hand side then your company's private career gate with irs corresponding tracking system will be created and ready to linked with your web site. using the career gate URL the link where the applicant can apply and send thier resume as well as your HR department can login from the same URL to track the applicants and manage jobs starting and stopping them.

access applicants worldwide

JATS MISSION: Overcome the lack caused by receiving the applicant's resume through Email

VISION: Online solution to be used by both applicans and HR department

Career gate URL: link of your Company's private career gate where the applicants can browse posts and fill application forms.

Tracking System: where you can manage and track your company's private career gate. can be accessed from the career gate itself after providing account information.

JATS SignOn: Single sign on always exist under http://jats.bizegypt.com to access your Tracking System.


No need to worry about doing the following tasks everything will be done to keep the portal up and running day and night. all you need is to use the created link from your web site to allow HR and applicant access the portal, the Link (URL) will be sent via email after filling out the setup form.

Administration Tasks

Application, Database and file Server administration


System tasks performed by remote server run on Internet to store, manage, and process your data.


Archive for your historical Jobs and its corresponding applications as well as the CV Files


Periodically new features and versioning based on daily operations system monitoring and business needs.

Security and SSL

Accurate security system developed specifically for the Portal on the application layer.


Daily Database Backup and maintenance, as well as disaster backups.

System Preview

Description of how the system works.

ATS work as interface between Job applicants and your HR department as descriped below


1- Create New Job

2- Develop Job Description

3- Start Job (Start Recieving Applications)

4- Stop Job (Stop Recieving Applications)

5- Filter Applicants by 10+ Criteria

6- Download Resume or an applicant's CV

7- Search Applications by given data


1- Generate Application Form.

2- Valivate and Process Applicants Data.

3- Execute Requested applicants queries

4- Generate Portal for browsing Vacancies

5- Store CVs and Applications into repository

6- Retrieve attachments of applicants

7- Sort applicants


1- Browse available vacancies.

2- Fill out application form

3- Submit his/her CV

4- Submit Job Application


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